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Our Vision and intention

Many modern-day ailments do not have adequate solutions available to most people. In many instances there is disillusionment in the ability to treat and relieve suffering with pharmacology and allopathic medicines and consequently there has been a gradual shift away from such form of medication. We believe that Amazonian healing rituals can be an effective solution to many of the ailments of modern times and that these rituals need to be available to people looking for effective healing, change and transformation. We offer Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies in The Sacred Valley of Peru and in South Africa.

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Talking about us

  • I have taken part in sacred medicine retreats lead by other guides, but from the first time I experienced the guidance of Carlos, I knew this was something truly exceptional. The seriousness, wisdom, love and care with which he leads the ceremonies and guides everyone in the ceremony gives you an incredible sense of security and peace of mind.

    YB, Film Industry, Cape Town
  • Carlos’ plant ceremonies always provide an enlightened journey of the soul.
    As a shaman guiding us to new heights in order to heal and enhance our personal teachings, he always shows love and compassion.
    In sharing his knowledge and wisdom he remains humble but yet very strong whilst creating a protective and loving space for each and every one of his students.

    L. C. Reiki Master, Johannesburg
  • The down to earth mix of ancient tradition and contemporary group work is natural, easy and accessible. It feels very real, and not intimidating at all, with just the right amount of magic. For anyone truly seeking themselves this is a very supportive team to work with.

    K. T. Dog groomer and Joyful being, Cape Town
  • Over the years, through the blessing of their ceremonies, been able to facilitate deep healing and personal growth within my life. All the while, feeling completely protected and safe within the spaces that they create.

    E. S, IT Business Analyst, Johannesburg
  • The discipline and integrity of the shaman is paramount. The emphasis on preparation for deep healing and a focused intention isn't stressed enough and I felt ready for my experience each time. Thank you thank you, ever grateful

    M. M. Pilates Instructor, Cape Town
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meet the team

We are a team of three healers and many spiritual guides who have joined forces to create a long dreamed-of healing space. Each person brings his or her own expertise to enrich the project as a whole. We are not improvised or self-proclaimed healers, but are thoroughly trained ayahuasqueros with more than 24 years of combined experience, leading ceremonies and running healing retreats. We work integratively with transpersonal psychology.

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